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My grandmother was Mary. My mother was Mary, but I am Mary Andrea.

To consider all the most traditional names in the world, I’m pretty sure that “Mary” is at the top of the list. Everyone knows a Mary. So common. So trusted are Marys, with their abilities to blend in (even though the name “Mary” literally means rebellion) and so well known…

Superpower: A Dream Realized

From a small child, I was always fascinated by art. The colors….the shapes…the absolutely infinite world of creative possibilities; it was a glorious wonderland to me, and now as an adult — it still is.

So with that, an artist, I will always be.

After Just Finishing the Paintings from my 2nd Divination Deck: The Afro Goddess Oracle (2019)

For the record, I love a…

Tarot vs Oracle

Before we begin, allow me to briefly reexplain the difference between the Tarot and Oracle decks.

You must be prepared to think of it as a movie…

“Think of it like a movie: the cards of the Tarot would equate to the individual scenes within the movie, and the cards…

I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother’s Day this past weekend! As I hung out with my own children, I took the time to reflect on the feminine energy we give to the world as mothers as to how that energy transforms yet never dies.

Let’s chat. :)

To Be a Mother: The Job.

There’s no…

So I have this theory about life.

I, like most people, love a good game.

From the youngest child giggling during a hand game to the eldest gentleman strategizing at advanced chess, we all love both a good mystery and a good (and hopefully clean) win.

So why would “The Game of Life” be any different?

“Chess, not checkers” is one of the greatest life strategies EVER.


How remarkable is it to be blessed with the ability to cry?

To be able to materialize feelings of sadness and joy into flowing tears is nothing short of a superpower.

The scientific fact is that — of course, all animals can feel sadness, pain, joy, and extreme happiness — yet only humans cry a flow of actual tears.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces, but I cry all the time. I know that crying for me either relieves a grand amount of tension and emotional pain or expressed happiness I simply have no words for. Tis never a weakness… and in fact, I think the weak don’t cry — out of fear of judgment and shame.

So, mascara running, I honor the power of tears. I honor the power of the expression of extreme emotions.

I bow to the magic of crying.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

(from the classic story Snow White)

It’s you, that’s who.

But do you really believe that? As you stare in this mirror of everyday occurrences within your existence, do you believe?

Do you believe that you are the most beautiful and resilient one in your…

Grab your birth chart and enjoy this poetic journey through the twelve Real Houses of Astrology. Ase.

Listen to me read this poem here!

To fully see one’s self,

requires the perception of more than you.

To obtain all that one needs,

requires both stealth and balance of value.


Andrea Furtick

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