Oracle Reading 101: Intro & Basics

Tarot vs Oracle

Before we begin, allow me to briefly reexplain the difference between the Tarot and Oracle decks.

You must be prepared to think of it as a movie…

“Think of it like a movie: the cards of the Tarot would equate to the individual scenes within the movie, and the cards of the Oracle would represent the characters, their traits, and the movie’s plot as a whole. So when put together, you’d be able to see all angles of the situation; as the tarot will show you all the energies and feelings, while the oracle will show you what’s true and tangible within them.”

So with that being said, where you allow the Tarot to explain actions…allow the Oracle to foresee the happenings.

And this is where the real magic happens…

Say you receive Oracle cards that you deem to not be so favorable. Remember, the magic in divination cards lie within your personal power. So, at that moment, you may ask your Tarot cards for counteracting actions to produce more favorable results in said situation, so basically; understand it is highly possible to manipulate destiny with the combined use of willful action (tarot) and spiritual foresight (oracle.)

Historical Structure: The Traditional Lenormand Oracle Divination System

The Lenormand Oracle reading system was created by Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand (1772–1843); who was a French professional fortune-teller during the Napoleonic era. Considered the greatest cartomancer of all time (in France), Marie created a system that allowed one to accurately see tangible situations and not just feelings. It was like she truly could answer the question, “What if…”

…and again, what you do with the answer given, well that’s up to YOU. In my opinion, Marie created a perfect system to unlock the doors of true perspective change. By being able to foreshadow outcomes, she provided one paths to either run towards or away from what’s being seen.

So now… let’s talk about the WHO.

WHO: Subject Cards

The Goddess (feminine energy) and God (masculine energy) of the Afro Goddess Oracle represent either a prominent person within one’s life or the situation, or the asker themselves.

If you are looking for certain details about a specific person (or yourself), do this:

To describe the above, I would say that the person examined within this reading has just come into or is about to come into a brand new abundance!

From here, I would utilize the tarot deck to ask for the best steps to lead to said aforementioned abundance and find any clues as to what exactly would be coming in. (Remember, the question we ask is just as important as the cards we pull. One must ask for the answers needed to produce the results one desires.)

Pull a subject card within a reading not designed with the subject already removed? At that moment, the card then describes a mystery person to be on the lookout for.


The above reading technique is called Mirroring. With the center card as the subject, the corresponding pairs of cards then are able to create “sentence-like” details of the subject.

*Additionally, should you like to get more details, simply choose two more cards, one for each side of the mirror.

So again, here is where we can take control of the reading and get really clear on the answers we need.

The same way we removed the God/Goddess card to create the subject of the reading before, keep in mind we can do the same with many of the other cards.

Looking for details on love…choose The Heart.

Looking for career/ abundance flow details…choose The Fish.

Looking for travel details on a trip to be taken…choose The Ship.

Basically, each card’s main description is its Subject description. However, we need more than one card to have a successful view! So let’s talk about how cards shift positions to build full statements/sentences.

Above, are my “Sentence Structure Notes” on The Fish Card. Here, I’ve taken the principles of our common speech parts and given each card characteristics based on if it is in the placement of noun/pronoun (who), adjective (about who), verb (action/doing what), or adverb (how something is happening).

I recommend you take some time and explore what you intuitively feel in each speech position with each card.

And with the aforementioned developed perspectives of each position the card can lie in within the “sentence,” one can then effectively ask a specific question when a specific answer is needed.

So let’s jump back into the reading already in progress…

Here we see that some form of new abundance is coming in from a new woman, and one shall find out about it through written communication.

Naturally, one would then want to know both when and what was coming.

As demonstrated above, the “when” can be predicted using the number at the top of each subject card within the reading. It is said the number can foreshadow a happening in a matter of days, weeks, months, or even years…dependent upon the situation and your intuitive notion.)

And now as for the “what,” well, that will take some questioning.

With our subject being the abundance brought in by The Fish, to complete this new sentence, you would select two more cards and read them not from their subject perspectives, but one from the adjective (describes subject/noun/pronoun) perspective and the other from the verb (describes action/state of being) perspective…and now you know what, something about that what, and what it’s going to do. Observe:

In 7 Days or 7 Months, a new woman, via written communication, will bring with her a new form of abundance. This abundance will begin a new cycle on or within a new foundation.

And doesn’t that sound like a complete “movie trailer?” (Like you know what’s going to happen, but you don’t know what’s going to happen…and now you definitely would want to catch this “movie” lol ) It does to me! And at this moment our job with the Oracle would be done within this reading and, I would recommend getting out the tarot to clarify the juicy details of the reading…and before you know it, you’ll have a vision of the whole “movie.”

Published Author. Indie Artist. Magical Creatrix.

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Andrea Furtick

Andrea Furtick

Published Author. Indie Artist. Magical Creatrix.

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